iFrame info

What is it?

"iFrame" (short for Internet Framework) is an open source presentation layer for database-driven web applications.

Implemented as a tag library for ColdFusion with high-level page elements (dataset, form, ...), it enables developers to quickly develop and deploy applications and fully concentrate on the business logic instead of presentation. Future version will not be limited to ColdFusion but will also include other tag-based languages such as JSP & ASP.net.

The end user will benefit from features such as exporting data to PDF and Excel and the consistent user interface. The user interface is fully customizable with Cascading Stylesheets.

Using this tag library in combination with the "iFrame Generator" (which generates iFrame code & database business logic to browse, insert & edit database tables) you can build & deploy applications in minutes.

Is this project already here? Can it be used or is this just an idea, something "I would like to do"? Yes, it is available, right here, right now. In fact, a very large Intranet application for one of world's largest governmental organizations have been developed using the iFrame. I consider it as production-ready, but not finished. There will be always room for improvement. It is also a great tool for prototyping.

If you are building a large application (e.g. 100+ pages with a lot of web-based forms) you will benefit the most from using iFrame.

How does it differ from other custom tags? iFrame is a set of custom tags working together, not single ones.


  • Properly installed Cold Fusion Application Server 4.5 or higher running under NT or 2000 (not tested under Unix, but should work)
  • Java Virtual Machine (1.3) properly configured to work with Cold Fusion
  • Basic knowledge of CFML (Cold Fusion Markup Language) (query database, use of variables) and web application design in general

    Features and Benefits for the end user

  • Customizeable look with stylesheets
  • Recognizeable functionality through the whole application
  • Fast view & search through large recordsets
  • Extra help for filling in web-based forms:
  • Export data to Excel, PDF, Word, ...
  • Multilingual

    Features and Benefits for the developer

  • Tag-based development
  • complete HTML & DHTML based (no activeX or applets)
  • freedom of development:
  • Building your application in a standarized way
  • High level coding
  • Separate presentation layer from the business layer

    Known issues

  • Not tested on other platforms (Solaris, HP-UX, Linux) but should work
  • iFrame was original developed for best visual results with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x. Although it should work with Netscape 4 and IE 4, the visual result could be disappointing. Most of the time, it is the CSS implementation that cause the problems. Netscape 6, Opera 5 or Mozilla have not been tested.
  • The translation besides the English (original) and Dutch are raw machine translations. So they suck :-)